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  Tecnomatix is the Siemens PLM Software offering for digital manufacturing. It is a suite of flexible software solutions that dramatically increases your company's profitability by improving how your products are built. Developed specifically for companies whose success depends on bringing more products to market faster and for less cost, the Tecnomatix solution:

  ·Gives your team and supply chain partners faster access to key data when needed
  ·Promotes more efficient collaboration and more informed decision-making
  ·Enables rapid response to product design changes
  ·Facilitates the sharing of manufacturing and product design best practices
  ·Shows the impact of decisions digitally, before you commit physical resources to implementing them
  ·Ensures that your processes will achieve their anticipated business result

  No matter how innovative a product's design, it will not be profitable unless the process for building and bringing it to market is itself innovative. Tecnomatix represents a suite of solutions to ensure that your manufacturing process runs as efficiently as possible and gives you a competitive edge. Leveraging manufacturing engineering and production management solutions and the manufacturing data management capabilities of Teamcenter, Tecnomatix provides a broad range of applications for manufacturing management of both parts and assemblies. These solutions enable you to:

  ·Define and verify product assembly sequences
  ·Create assembly-line layouts
  ·Simulate specific operations and material flows to optimize the process
  ·Allocate the required time for each operation
  ·Verify line performance and perform line balancing
  ·Analyze product and production costs
  ·Virtually commission and program production lines using digital planning data
  ·Execute and continually manage your production process
  ·Track and trace specific customer orders according to the materials included and the processes they undergo
  ·Feed back real-time process changes, as executed, into manufacturing process plans

  Tying all these capabilities together with your legacy systems, Siemens PLM Software offers an open digital manufacturing data management backbone - Teamcenter - that's tightly integrated with Tecnomatix. By providing the information infrastructure for manufacturing data, Teamcenter ensures the effective use of information by all participants across your supply chain, with capabilities for change management, document management, workflow management, process management, resource management, and version and product variation management.

  Tecnomatix, unlike other digital manufacturing offerings, provides a set of industry expertise and interoperable software applications that support all phases of your manufacturing cycle (plan, design, validate, execute). These flexible, open, applications can be used individually or integrated with the Teamcenter open manufacturing data backbone to improve such critical production activities as:

  ·Part manufacturing planning
  ·Assembly process planning
   ·Resource Management
  ·Plant Design & Optimization
  ·Robotics simulation and programming
  ·Ergonomics and human performance
  ·Product quality planning
  ·Production management and order tracking
  ·Production automation and shop floor production data collection

  Tecnomatix is an integral part of the Siemens PLM Software suite of solutions. By combining complementary capabilities, Tecnomatix, NX and Teamcenter offer companies the most extensive and proven set of capabilities for improving their entire product development process.

  Built on a production-proven data management foundation

  Teamcenter's Open Manufacturing Backbone is at the core of Siemens PLM Software' value. By managing product, plant, process and resource information used in the comprehensive suite of Tecnomatix applications, Teamcenter provides critical support for every phase of your manufacturing and product life cycle. It connects disparate, legacy manufacturing functions together to get the most from all your investments in product development and product programs.

  By some industry estimates, manufacturing engineers spend nearly half their time searching for the information they need. With Tecnomatix based on Teamcenter, critical manufacturing information is available on demand. This means the impact of changes can be assessed faster. Whether it's a product revision or a proposed change to a factory layout, the corresponding impact on product, process, plant and resource requirements is quickly known.

  Tecnomatix solutions are designed for various manufacturing industries and processes. Each solution supports the manufacturing process life cycle from process planning through detailed design to shop-floor execution. Web-based tools enable communication and exchange of manufacturing process information throughout the enterprise, its plants and suppliers.

  Tecnomatix is the most widely-used digital manufacturing solution, enabling organizations to design, simulate and execute production processes. Digital manufacturing is a critical component of product lifecycle management, helping businesses increase profitability by improving the way products are built. More than 5,000 companies worldwide - including BMW, Lockheed-Martin and Anheuser-Busch - are using Tecnomatix to reduce operating costs, accelerate product introductions and shorten time to volume while maintaining high levels of product and process quality. Tecnomatix leverages the Siemens PLM Software Open Manufacturing Backbone, which facilitates integration with other Siemens PLM Software solutions, as well as third-party systems. With Tecnomatix, Siemens PLM Software brings together best-of-breed digital manufacturing solutions, deep process expertise and a proven knowledge management foundation spanning the entire product lifecycle.


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