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  Powering Innovation with Knowledge

  Teamcenter's solutions for new product development and introduction (NPDI) and global product development link OEMs, partners and suppliers with secure, global access to product knowledge, enabling product development process excellence. Teamcenter links product development with downstream lifecycle processes by offering solutions for global manufacturing; maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO): and strategic sourcing. By enabling consistent, repeatable processes and commonality, Teamcenter supports regulatory compliance throughout the lifecycle.

  With solutions targeted at companies' strategic business initiatives, Teamcenter addresses the key issues facing businesses today – accelerating time-to-market, delivering the right products to market at the right time, extending product life to maximize revenues while increasing productivity, ensuring better asset utilization, improving service and repair efficiency and responsiveness, and reducing product costs. Teamcenter transcends organizational and geographic boundaries to provide people with immediate access to product knowledge, resulting in faster cycle times, better decisions, less waste and greater accountability throughout the product lifecycle.

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